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Celtic star

Tina Huston Fine Art

Along with training and riding instruction, I am a fine artist. Original artwork is for sale as well as giclee prints. I work in oil paint, colored pencil, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, and acrylic house paint. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. (Actual prints do not contain copyright text.)

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"All The Earth Is A Path"

All The Earth Is A Path

Title: "All The Earth Is A Path"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 48" X 24"
Medium: Oil Paint
Materials: Fine linen canvas.
Price: $4320.00
Description: This is my first piece in a series titled "In The Days Of The Human Beings". It has two inspirations. One is from the movie, "The Last of the Mochicans" where the mode of transportation was to run through the woods where there were no paths. I admire how fit and brave these people were and how they made the entire natural world around them their path. For them, breaking brush was the norm, which was a methaphor for how they lived their lives and forged this country.

Secondly, my closest childhood friend was named Robyn. Robyn and I broke a lot of brush together with our horses as well as on foot through the Wisconsin wood. We were given a lot of wiggle room as kids to explore, and all the earth was our path. Those were different times, and I thank our parents for letting us cut our teeth in the country, on the things that life is truly made of. I dedicate this painting to my childhood friend, Robyn Zutz-Legan, who to this day is an extraordinary human being.

"On The Path To Win Long Willow"

On The Path To Win Long Willow

Title: "On The Path To Win Long Willow"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 18" X 14"
Medium: Oil Paint
Materials: Fine linen canvas.
Price: $1200.00
Description: This is my second piece in a series titled "In The Days Of The Human Beings". The young brave in the painting is on his way to prove himself worthy to win the woman he wishes to take as his wife. But the theme of this painting is not about a love story; It is about clarity. It is about those times in life when a person becomes clear and resolved about a decision, whether it be getting a divorce, changing career, finding forgiveness, or moving to a new country. The young warrior's clarity just happens to be about who he wishes to marry. The sky and prairie are vast, he and his horse are calm, and he has solice with his decision.

"The Savory Season"

The Savory Season

Title: "The Savory Season"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 20" X 14"
Medium: Oil Paint
Materials: Fine linen canvas.
Price: $1520.00
Description: This is my third piece in a series titled "In The Days Of The Human Beings". Not so very long ago, before Seven-Elevens sprouted across the land, the people selected food according to the cycle of the seasons. During the short, bitter Winter days, the people ate heavy, high-fatted foods and seasoned with savory herbs that were picked and dried throughout the warm months. The women in the painting know their way around their frigid kitchen and can whip up one mean bison stew.

"Ode To My Farm"

Black Kettle Ranch tipi

Title: "Ode To My Farm"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 18' diameter
Medium: Kilz Exterior House Paint
Materials: 18' duckbacked tipi by Nomadics Tipi Makers, Kilz exterior house paint.
Price: Ode To My Farm is not for sale, however, I could be commissioned to design and paint one for you. Ode To My Farm is available for overnight camping at $60.00/per night. Free to students and boarders.
Description: People have asked, "What's up with the tipi?" Because I had to. Every farm should have one. It's something I've imagined painting for a long time. I'm no longer afraid of working on big canvases. It was a LOT of work and worth every bit of it. Ode To My Farm has a night sky, the cycles of the moon, a sky band of happiness, eagle feathers, the symbols for ascension and decension, my horses Cloud, Whistle, and Annie, and the view of the front range sunset from my farm. The door has my lovely apple tree, the thistle flowers on the ranch, Mountain Blue birds and Native American symbols. I took this photo of Ode To My Farm after a beautiful rainstorm birthed a double rainbow.

"Rock Medicine"

Horse picture

Title: "Rock Medicine"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 24" W X 16" H
Medium: Colored Pencil
Materials: Signed, Limited edition of 250, giclee print on Sommerset Velvet photo paper. The original is done on Stonehenge paper. Berol Prismacolor pencils.
Price: $250.00 US giclee print. The original is $1050.00 US.
Description: A cool dawn in the back canyons of Monument Valley. In Native American tradition, the horse symbolizes strength, benevolent power, freedom, and the carrying of responsibility for ones environment. The crow symbolizes the guardian of great secrets, self-realization, and the living of a higher truth. It is said that when you find two or three animals all of a sudden making an appearance and their nature all has the same basis then you have found the basis of your life path. This becomes "medicine".

"Wind Shear"

Horse watercolor

Title: "Wind Shear"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 15" W X 8" H
Medium: Water Color & Colored Pencil
Materials: Reeves water color, Berol Prismacolor pencils, and Aquarelle watercolor paper.
Price: The original is $225.00 US.
Description: Ancient lore tells us that the horse was created by the compression of the wind and became the wind itself. I have no doubt. The horse flows like liquid and rides the wind with the lightness of a feather. I imagine vast fields and open sky where the horse endlessly canters on shearing the wind.


Horse colored pencil

Title: "Owl"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 11" W X 8" H
Medium: Colored Pencil
Materials: Berol Prismacolor pencils.
Price: The original is $175.00 US.
Description: Stare at a paint horse's markings with soft eyes. Their spots reveal shapes, much like passing clouds.

"Sensuelle de Carotte"

Carrot illustration

Title: "Sensuelle de Carotte"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 8.5" W X 11" H
Medium: Colored Pencil
Materials: Faber Castel and Berol Prismacolor pencils.
Price: $125.00 US giclee print. The original is $875.00 US.
Description: This piece was done for the Denver Botanical Gardens Botanical Illustration Program as a formal botanical illustration "plate". The plate depicts a scrumptious organic carrot with a saucy, tousled hairdo. This piece is great for the kitchen. Several models posed for this piece.


"Pinus ponderosa Subsp. Pistallate strobilus"

Pine cone illustration

Title: "Pinus ponderosa Subsp. Pistallate strobilus"
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 5" x 7"
Medium: Pen & Ink
Materials: Bristol vellum paper, Rapidograph pens, black india ink.
Price: $75.00
Description: A study of a Ponderosa pinecone. This species of pinecone grows its bracts (i.e., its scales) using the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical formula found in nature. One way the sequence is used is to grow plants in a way that is most conducive to the plant's survival. The Fibonacci sequence is used all around us. In fact, the human structure uses the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci is quite facinating and worth looking up.


"Fairytale Pumpkin"

Fairytale pumpkin illustration

Title: "Fairytale Pumpkin "
Artist: Tina Huston
Size: 11" x 8.5"
Medium: Graphite
Materials: Bristol vellum paper, Tombow graphite, and charcoal pencil.
Price: $375.00
Description: A study of a Fairytale Pumpkin. Another piece for the Botanical Illustration program, I bought the model for this piece in October and the pumpkin lasted in my studio for literally one year. The older the pumpkin got, the more beautiful the striations in the skin. I haven't been able to find another to match it.

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Rocky, school horse

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Celtic knot

The above picture is of one of my school horses named Rough Rock, otherwise known as Rocky. Rocky is a 12-year-old Paint gelding. I adore Rocky. Ironically, he is neither rough nor rocky. He has marvelous movement and he's the nicest guy a girl could have.

Celtic stars

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