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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

The following lists some of the feedback that I have received from students and customers over the years. Comments like these make me really love what I do. More references are available upon request.

"Thank you, Tina. We couldn't have done it without you." - Susan's response after seeing her daughter's BLM Mustang being ridden for the first time and resolving a trailer loading issue after Tina worked with the horse for 10 training sessions.

"Greetings Tina! It's your fans from California. I have been thinking about you a lot these past few months. I want to just tell you, that I am forever grateful to you for your passion and teaching skills with Kallie and horses. The more I watch other trainers, I realize what a gift you are to your students and horses. We are forever grateful to you for your knowlegdge and kindness towards all of us." - Diane

"Tina transformed me from a passenger on my horse to a rider with my horse! My horse went from a nervous, unpredictable girl to a relaxed refined lady with Tina's help, training, guidance and encouragement! I did not know that knowing how to ride would transform my relationship with my horse. Thanks Tina!" - Pat

"I felt way more comfortable with your horses under your guidance than I have with any other lessons (and I've taken quite a few!) I enjoyed your novel approaches and some of the cool exercises you had me doing. I thought your horses were excellent teachers, and that makes a huge difference in one's ability to be relaxed and to see the results of one's work. At the end of every lesson, I felt I had accomplished something, but also knew what I could work on for next time. I really felt like I was learning a lot each and every time. I liked what Kent said (on the website) about the stress of the work week just melting away. Riding is like meditation. It's just you, the horse, and an encouraging teacher guiding you in the right directions. How cool is that?!" - Celeste

"Emma learned more during one of your lessons than she did at her entire time at summer horse camp." - Debbie

"Dear Tina, We just wanted to say a big thank you for your incredible work! Rosie has enjoyed every minute of time under your instruction, and we feel very lucky to have had you in her life. It is one part of Rosie's life that gives her such confidence - thank you for your part of that. You have a gift, and we hope the future will allow you to continue your work." - Megan

"Tina, Thank you for all your work and help with K.C. I appreciate your thoughtful manner and approach. I am glad our paths crossed, you have been so professional and positive throughout." - Catherine

"Thank you Tina for all my horse lessons! I have enjoyed having lessons with you! I like to trot, I like how you took it one step at a time. You helped me understand as we went step by step. I just wanted to thank you. I think your horses are great!!! Thank you for being such a good role model. I want to follow in your footsteps. Thanks again, your friend, Melanie." - Melanie

"Tina, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of horses with me. Your patience and kindness; your gentle teaching style have taught me so much. I really appreciate that I have been able to learn at my own pace in an atmosphere of encouragement. Many thanks." - Karen

"Dear Tina, You have been the best horseback riding teacher. You have taught me a lot about riding a horse. You have a lovely heart to teach me and other people. " - Christina

"Tina, Thank you for all your patience and kindness. I learned so much from you!" - Gretta

"My daughter Kylie when first starting with Tina was not very confident about being around horses. Since starting, Kylie has grown much confident, and her horsemanship has improved vastly. Tina is very knowledgeable about horses. She instructs riders in the proper care of horses, the correct way to ride, but most importantly she believes in safety." - Sonia

"Tina, I could just kiss you, but I'm not that kind of girl." - Yvonne's response when riding her mare for the first time after Tina did 10 training sessions with the mare to help resolve a bucking problem

"Our daughter has had a number of trainers over the years, and we have found Tina's patience, technique, and method of working with both rider and horse to be the most impressive we've ever experienced. Tina's expert knowledge, attitude and deep respect for both rider and equine combine to allow harmony between rider and horse. Not only is proper technique taught for enjoyable riding, groundwork and grooming, but sound safety and handling methods are imparted on the rider under Tina's watchful eye, and always in a respectful, calm and helpful manner. Our daughter has learned more with Tina, than all other trainers combined, and in a shorter period of time. If you're looking for one of the best trainers in the area, look no further than Black Kettle Ranch!" - Gary

"Tina....I have to thank you so much for the lessons that you gave me. I had to use all of them this last Sunday. Lakota and I were out riding alone and he heard the noise first before I could react. It was someone wearing a crinkly sounding jacket running around under some bushes across the ditchbank....Lakota spooked....because of the lessons in balance I was able to stay in the saddle long enough to regain thought in what to do. I did the one rein stop. Lakota's head came around we made eye contact and it was as if he was saying 'I know what to do now'. We circled, disengaged the hind quarters and we stopped. After he calmed we turned to see the problem...I rested him ...petted and then we moved on with no other happenings. I know, had we not practiced this move and without those few lessons, I would have had another accident. I wanted to thank you for everything you helped me with." - Linda and Lakota

"Dear Tina, Thanks so much for helping Ana learn in preparation for her Wyoming trip. She has enjoyed every minute of the lessons and I look forward to arranging further lessons. Both Dee and Ron were very pleased at the vast improvement in Ana's skills, but I think the one that was the most surprised was Clarence. He thought she'd be a pushover this year and she is now getting him to do exactly what she wants!" - Brenda

"Dear Ms. Tina, Thank you for being the best horseback riding teacher ever. You taught me so much. I always enjoyed coming to the barn, and forgetting about everything. You also taught me very many life lessons along with riding. It is amazing how much I learned this year. You taught me everything I need to know from the ground up. You always had patience with me and helped me through things. Thanks a bunch." - Rachel

"Merry Christmas, Tina! Thank you for another fun-filled and educational year. You are amazing, and I look forward to learning and growning in my horsemanship skill again in 2008! Thank you for taking such good care of Bosko. He loves You!" - Keri

"Dear Ms. Tina, I can't thank you enough for all the things you have done for me this past year. I really appreciate you training my Vinnie and making him such a wonderful horse. I know that without you I wouldn't have won a beautiful saddle. So thank you again for your patience and faith in me and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas." - Kate

"Tina, You're the best!!! Josh and I want to thank you for all your hard work that you have done with Talkeetna! We are so pleased with the training and we really appreciate all the help with the Vet, meds, and blanket issues! Thank you so much. You are doing a wonderful job!" - Jen

"I have been boarding at the Black Kettle Ranch for the past year and I absolutely love it! My horse has received the best care of any barn I have ever been at. Tina is a true professional when it comes to keeping her horses and boarders happy! Tina keeps her facility clean and safe and is continually making improvements to her barn. Tina is the first person who I felt was safe and professional enough to give my daughter horse riding lessons. At all the other facilities I have boarded at, I never felt the trainers really knew what they were doing, and I felt like they were only in it to 'make a buck'. However, Tina truly loves what she does and treats each child as an individual and makes them feel safe and comfortable with her. I love Tina Huston and The Black Kettle Ranch!" - Stacey

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Its not that the horse is a complicated animal. He's actually a pretty simple creature when left to himself. It's we humans who come along and add the complexity.

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Customer Comments:

"She's like a different horse. She so much quieter." - Karen

Ibn is a different horse. We can actually get shoes on him, now and he's quiet about it." - Linda

"My horse is much more responsive." - Christie

"I feel good about putting my daughter on Mandy." - Chuck

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