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Riding Instruction Parker, CO

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Welcome! My name is Tina Huston, owner of Black Kettle Ranch. I'm a professional trainer and riding instructor, specializing in Western Dressage. When I'm not teaching and riding, I do fine art and am an accepted BA degree candidate enrolled in Harvard University's Extension School.

I work with people of all ages to improve their riding skills and communication with horses. I bring over 35 years of experience to each schooling session. This experience includes working with many horses throughout the years, working with some of the best trainers in the horse industry, and successful show ring competion.

I'm a strong believer in versatility and teach natural horsemanship and classical dressage foundation as the basis for versatility. It doesn't matter whether you ride in western or english tack, the balance of both horse is rider as taught by the classical dressage masters is key to successful riding.

As a fine artist, I bring my love of animals and nature to the canvas. You're welcome to visit the Fine Art page to see my latest work.

Please visit the other links on this site to learn more about how you can achieve higher levels in the art of horsemanship. You're welcome to contact me at 720-261-6965 or with any questions you might have about my program.

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Riding lessons Parker, CO

Tina Huston, Horse trainer/Riding instructor/Clinician

Teaching Philosophy:

Safety is first and foremost.

As with any undertaking, having the patience and discipline to master basics is the key to success.

Strive for quality, not quantity. The quantity will come later.

Teach at the level that the horse and rider are ready for, no more and no less.

Help the rider to notice the little things about the horse that creates a meaningful bond.

Leadership and confidence comes with time, patience, and persistence.

Always end on a good note.


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